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White Dove Appears in Yard

Don't know where this guy came from. Also (blurry) in photo: two regular doves, and at bottom, a female quail,


bayrider said...

Hi Lloyd, here's a really great article on SFGate this morning, a man who has lived in his hand built cabin on the beach for the last 34 years and became a sculptor along the way:

John McAbery carves out a life on the Lost Coast



helen said...

What a nice surprise visit!

Stephanie said...

I love the little beige mourning doves! The white one must mean good luck! How beautiful ...

Anonymous said...

a Eurasian-Collard Dove by chance?

Mike W

Lloyd Kahn said...

Yes I know McAbery. There;s a 2-page photo of his house in Builders of the Pacific Coast. Thanks.

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