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When A Seal Jumped Onto Godfrey's Sailboat

There are over 500 emails in my "Stephens" mailbox. Godfrey is a tumultuous stream of energy and output. Here's a fragment from an email today, about the time a seal jumped on board his sailboat Mungo 1. (I don't like to edit Godfrey's stream of words.)

This Cutie came aboard in 1982
Dana point where I anchored s/v MUNGO 1 for the night
Please note sail is up and pulling
She left just off the Scripps institute
after a few failed attempts at boarding
a Long torpedo toward the boat
and Ou out of the Sea bang this Creature landed on the Steel Deck
and eventually flopped up to bask on the starbd fore deck
sailing along at a few knots toward San Diego
I could feel the heart beat of this animal throughout t he hull
an empty ness was felt when She slipped over the side and vanished...


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