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Slide Show Last Night in Vancouver

The rain didn't hold back the people. Biggest crowd ever. By the time I started, the aisles were full. About 250 people. I signed books for maybe half an hour. These are my brothers and sisters up here. People kept coming up and telling me how they'd built things, inspired by our books. I was given photos of little homes and house trucks, a rare Bob Marley CD, and a little jar of cayenne pepper. Maybe a dozen people told me they were either building something right now, or about to start. I told them it's not that everyone has to live in tiny houses, what's important is going in the direction of smaller. Everyone likes the idea of no mortgage, no exorbitant rents. A definite measure of freedom in these trying times.


RoadieRyan said...

You have definitely struck a nerve Sir!

Kay L. Davies said...

You're so right, Lloyd, British Columbians (except for the filthy rich) are tree-hugging animal rights activists at heart, even those of us who moved away for one reason or another, or those who chose to live in BC after being born somewhere else.
I love that someone gave you a rare Bob Marley CD. How great is that?

stein mountian said...

thanks so much for coming to vancouver ,it was an honor to meet you!Looking forward to your next book,indeed!!!!

Powell River Books said...

I'm so glad your BC tour is doing so well. It was so great to meet you in person. I was very honoured to have our float cabin showcased in your slide show. If you ever get up to Powell River we'd love to have you come up to the cabin for a visit and to show you our wonderful outdoors. - Margy

Anonymous said...

It was a fun evening, despite the rain and the cold. So interesting to finally see other people who think this way. The age split in the audience was fascinating. -- Sara

Anonymous said...

This is great, I had no idea that so many people in Vancouver followed you, I could not come down and I pictured you in a small room with a couple of people. It appears you had a great tour. Congrats!!!

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