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Rainy Wednesday Morning Vancouver

I'm at Blenz Coffee in Yaletown. It wasn't until I set my latte down that I noticed the barista art. How witty! I went over and gave the barista lady a mini book.
   Last time in Vancouver I stayed at the Best Western Hotel on Drake St. Turned out to be right across street from The Yale Hotel, one of the best blues venues anywhere. New bands every night. A person could -- if person wanted to -- sit through a set, then at intermission retire to room across street, smoke a joint,and watch out window until band members went back in for the next set.
   Again this year I lucked out in getting a room (out of 4 possible street orientations) facing the Yale. But to no avail, boo-hoo, as the Yale is closed for a year of repairs.
   Here are a few photos. Cute little harbor tour boat, looks like the little boat that thought it could.
   In an hour I'm going out with friends on a vintage tugboat for a harbor tour (in the rain).


Jesse said...

That adorable little boat is actually the water taxi that shuttles folks across False Creek. I know you can catch it at Granville Island, as I took it from there across to near Denman, did some wandering to find lunch, then back across to my cousin's place on Granville...
Enjoy the great NW (er...SW?) weather! (I'm just a bit south of you in Seattle)

Anonymous said...

Nice. I love the tree root extention, this is soooooo rural Arkansas, too.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, back in the day, the Drake had the wildest strip show in town and the Yale was the most down and dirty, barely better than skid row, hotel and club around. Both places have come up in the world considerably. Nice to see you enjoying my town. See you on Thursday at Emily Carr.

Anonymous said...

Too bad, I didn't see you at Blenze this morning.... It seems like the weather get better this afternoon, enjoy your water taxi!

Kay L. Davies said...

The gentrification of Yaletown is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, because I wasn't there to watch it happening, so it just sort of sprang on me. I used to work on Granville Street, on the other side of the bridge, in the 60s and 70s, when both daily papers were being produced there. It was "the new building" because the papers moved there from downtown. I know the old Sun Tower is still looking wonderful down on Beatty Street, but "the new buildng" at 5th and Granville has been torn down and replaced with condominiums. Serves it right, LOL.

Justin said...

The adorable little taxi is actually a Friday Harbor Ferry designed by Jay Benford.


http://benford.us/index.html?lists.html (plans index)

Benford designs the most wonderful boats.

Justin said...

(also called a False Creek Ferry, too)

onepieceofstring said...

Your coffee is cute! For a truly great cup, check out the Elysian Room http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/14/1438738/restaurant/Fairview/The-Elysian-Room-Vancouver

See you soon on Denman Island!

Anonymous said...

you should check out kafkas on main st. very good coffee. lots of good eats and good shops. worth a stroll, its changed to much! the foundation restaurant, antisocial skateboard shop, the list is endless!
see you tonight!

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