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Out in Harbor On Old Tugboat Today

Through my BC publicity angel Kim Herter, I got a tour (+ lunch) of the harbor in West Vancouver on Drew and Deb McVittie's 60-foot "steel coastal tug" today. Drew bought the tug (built in 1962) in 1997 and has been working on it since. It was an amazing couple of hours: the boat and all the work Drew has done on it, including installing a new engine, and all the activity and boats in the water and at dock. Piles of salt, sulfur, and wood chips; grain and oil tankers; lumber. Tugboats of varying sizes all over.
  They love the boat and it shows. "She's a real sweetheart," says Drew. "She's just so much fun." I'll post a few photos when I get time. Jeez, am I loaded with "content."
  After the boat ride, Kim and I went into downtown Vancouver, where I did a half-hour interview on the tiny homes book with Sheryl Mackay for CBC radio. It will air next weekend on the show North by Northwest..


Anonymous said...

Radio One is a station. The show in North by Northwest

Know your hosts/benefactors.

Powell River Books said...

Glad you are getting a good tour. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night and at Emily Carr University. - Margy

Lloyd Kahn said...

Anon: Thanks!. Changed it.

Kay L. Davies said...

I almost bought a tug in the early 70s, and was visiting my bank manager to arrange the financing when he realized I intended to use the Ocean Belle as a live-aboard, not as a working tug, so that was the end of that.

Ramon said...

I stumbled upon a book called DomeBook 2. I have a scanned pdf. and was wondering if I could print it. Are you the author of that book? Wondering if I could get permission.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Sorry, no. There is a lot of info in that book that is misleading and we do not want it made available. Thank you for asking.

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