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Japanese Ghost Ship Spotted Off Coast of Canada Signaling Arrival of Tsunami Wreckage

by Mark Boyer, 04/02/12
"After Japan was hit with a devastating earthquake in March 2011, the Pacific nation was rocked by a massive tsunami that destroyed thousands of coastal houses, cars and boats and swept millions of tons of debris out into the ocean. Now, it looks like some of that debris could be approaching North America. Last week, a unmanned boat identified as a Japanese fishing vessel was spotted off the coast of Canada, indicating that after more than a year, some of that debris could still be on its way to American and Canadian shores." http://shltr.net/ghstship
Thanks to Mike W. for this.


jon said...

This boat has been in our (canadian ) waters for a bit. But now has drifted into American waters. And is going to being shot with cannons by US Coast guard and sunk. :)


Powell River Books said...

I just heard on the radio that a Canadian had claimed salvage rights, so it might not be sunk. It sure had an unusual journey. - Margy

Anonnymuss said...

If we could just melt the boat down, we could make lots of these and I, for one, seriously want one: http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/teplosaurus/

(just sending you that link Lloyd. ¿want one?)

Mike W said...

Just saw the news, Coast Guard blew it up and its on its way to the bottom, 6000' below..

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