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Godfrey Stephens' New 12' Pelican Sailboat

Godfrey sold his 39' junk-rigged steel sailboat and has down-scaled. I stopped by his place in Victoria yesterday on my way north on Vancouver Island and saw the work-in-progress. It's a total delight. Surprisingly spacious inside; he removed the centerboard (it's mounted on the side). He's got a sliding Lexan roof some can stay dry while sailing in the rain. Tiny stainless stove he welded up. All his carpentry is sculptural -- the structural pieces look like bones. More (much more) on Godfrey to follow. http://www.godfreystephens.com


izzit said...

man I'm curious about that stove!!!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful Pelican conversion. Lovely lines to the new cabin. I'm curious to learn more about this little boat.

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