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Feet in Mud, Boat in Yard

I went clam digging during a low tide in Tomales Bay early Saturday morning. Got a bunch of small clams, some mussels, and a few rock oysters, but in exploring the mud flats for horseneck clams, I found myself sinking in the mud. Down to about knee-level; when I would pull one foot out, the other would sink just as deep. Made me think of quicksand, and I got a bit worried. No one was around, the tide was about to start coming in, and here I was mired in muck. Finally, when pulling my right foot out, my boot came off, so here I was one boot on, one boot off, mud up to both knees. I finally hobbled and slurped my way to solid ground, but not without some worrying and chastising self for yet another dumb move. Got cleaned up back at truck, had some clam chowder for breakfast, and headed home.

Left: boat with strange hull in the Marshall boat yard.


PhilM said...

That"s a bulbous bow. Helps with fuel economy and stability. I guessing that this is a fishing vessel that needs to motor offshore at speed.


Justin said...

Looks like a crew boat to me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need some splatchers.

Anonymous said...

It could be a Pilot boat.

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