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Desert Dwellings in India

From Joyce Plath:
"Ten thousand years ago the ancient Saraswati River flowed through what is now the Thar Desert. Over four thousand years ago the cultures of Mohen-jo-daro, Harrapa, and Loltal developed sophisticated cites with water and drainage systems. Domestic architecture, village organization, and traditional ways of life can still be found in remote villages that hug the border with Pakistan. The horizon is defined by scruffy trees growing about ten feet in height.
   These photographs were not staged. So far away from the stuff of modern life, people live simply with the scarce resources surrounding them. The simplicity of this life has a stark beauty that took our breath away.
   Descendants of India’s earliest people still live in jhungis, straw and wood stick buildings covered with mud. In this inhospitable environment wells are dug deep and walls built thick for protection from punishing sand storms and heat of the sun. Passions for music, poetry and dance carry a great deal of power in this silent world.


kara rane said...

thank You for the link w/ photos = soul satisfying. When I first saw earthen homes & women decorating the outside with natural pigments, I knew this is where my heart lives.

Anonymous said...


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