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Deek Diedricksen's $200 House

"Made from scavenged materials, Derek Diedricksen's tiny houses cost just $200 to make. What the little wooden dwellings lack in space, is made up for in style thanks to plenty of decorative detail.
   The 33-year-old uses parts of discarded household items to ensure each home has basic functions, the glass from the front of a washing machine is converted in a porthole-like window while a sheet of metal becomes a flip down counter.…"
From Daily Mail Reporter


James said...

Howdy Lloyd,

Speaking of $200 houses, here's someone in my city who's taking tiny homes to the street:


dd said...

That's a really nice looking fort he's got there.

sarah said...

I swear I just saw you standing on Main Street in Ferndale holding a pair of snowshoes..

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