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Chickens Just Ordered

Above: five Silver Seabrights and one Golden Seabright bantam hens (pic shot yesterday).
We just ordered about 50 bantam baby chicks from Murray McMurray (10 Auracanas, 30 Golden Seabrights, and a few each of Rhode Island Reds, Partridge Rocks, and Black Tailed White Japanese). Bantams can't be sexed as can regular birds, so you figure half of these will be male, and will become tasty barbecue.
   We've been ordering birds by mail from McMurray for over 30 years. Their breeding seems to be top notch, and service is excellent.You go down to the post office and pick up a box of peeping chicks. It's amazing how it all works.I couldn't conceive of being without chickens these days. We feed them all our food scraps, along with scratch and mash, and they produce these small eggs that taste like nothing you will ever get in a store.
   Here is a chicken starter kit McMurray offers for first-time chicken owners: http://shltr.net/HRyDfg


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