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30 Year Old Sailor Solos Around World

Sheila has left a new comment on your post "The Lady Washington":

"Speaking of incredible sailing vessels and journey's...have you heard of Matt Rutherford? He's just a few days away from land -after a year at sea and he's sailed around the America's - up along past Baffin Island, through the Northwest Passage, down around the Horn... He's already been recognized by the Scott Polar Institute as the first person to accomplish this alone, without stopping once. He's only 30 and a travelling soul, he's on a 26 ft boat that I think is older than he is and that has slowly been falling apart but he's kept on. He is a rare and wild creature http://www.solotheamericas.org/ He's done this to raise money for an organization whose goal is to make the joy of sailing available to physically and/or developmentally-challenged individuals - good man."

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kara rane said...

my very good friend who is differently-abled has become an amazing sailor through this opportunity,, she has unbelievable stories of a blind captain, amputees, & paralyzed persons sailing as a crew.. exciting*!

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