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Two Photos From Island in BC

Paul's Row/Sail Boat


Paul Clark's  homebuilt 16' row/sail boat in Victoria. The hull without any equipment weighs about 150 pounds. Paul has a leeboard on the starboard side. (With a centerboard  he wouldn't be able to sleep in the boat — which he does). He's rowed and sailed in local (Vancouver Island) waters and has gone on trips of a week or more. He and Godfrey are talking about sailing across the Strait of San Juan de  Fuca in September,  Godfrey in his 12' San Francisco Pelican, to go to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival (Sept 7-9.)

Dane & Leah's 396-Foot Craigslist Kingdom

Location: Portland, OR
Square Feet: 365
"What I Love About My Small Home:
Though our apartment suffers a bit from old building syndrome (poor water pressure, only a few electrical outlets, and a random pipe in the bathroom that gets burning hot from 5-7 PM every night), an overwhelming sense of 'homey-ness' is felt in every corner of our studio thanks to the craftsmanship and details that are rarely seen in modern apartments.…"

Lady on Harley Yesterday in Victoria

Sleepless in Vancouver

The reason for this flurry of posts is that I have a 4-hour wait for my flight home today, and also that I seem to be accumulating an ever-increasing bunch of photos and cool info.
  This is my new mode of luggage for air travel. No more sweating it at the stinking baggage carousel. The larger one is a Rick Steves carry-on backpack. No wheels -- too heavy. I limit myself to what I can fit in these two bags. Much of the weight is electronic gear: 11" MacBook Air, along with DVD player, backup hard drive; iPad; iPhone; Garmin GPS; lightweight Epson digital projector PLUS cameras: Canon Powershot S-95, Panasonic Lumix G-1 with 3 lenses, and a Sony Cybershot panoramic camera.What a nerd, eh?
  I get home tonight and then take off early Monday Morning to do some teaching at the North House Folk School on Lake Erie. They've got me a cabin on the lake, and on Thursday I'm paddling a canoe in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and I'm pretty excited about that.

Big Rocks

Near Sooke on Vancouver Island

Good Food at Buckley Bay

Leah Weinberg of Weinberg's Good Food in Buckley Bay, newly opened at the Ferry dock to Denman Island.

Bruno's Wheelbarrow Barbecue and Shake-bottomed Chair

Bruno and his brother smoked/barbecued the sockeye salmon with cherry wood on this portable rig. Cedar shakes screwed on to old chair frames; what a great idea.

A Boatbuilders' Tools

Godfrey's friend Cos is getting ready to build a wooden 58' cruising ketch, based on plans from 1926. The hull will be Douglas Fir milled by Cos and joints will be caulked with oakum — old school. Above is a huge ship's saw. The old table saw below has two blades, either of which can be cranked into position. It operate smoothly.

Bruno Atkey's Ola Suerte

Bruno, Godfrey, and I rowed out to the boat. It was too blustery to go sailing, so we had sardines and avocados on crackers, along with ginger tea fortified with a shot of tequila,

Boats and Blues in Victoria

It's such a great little city. Seagulls flying squawking throughout. A maritime city. Water and boats all around. I love it here. Yesterday was a great day with Godfrey and two amazing boat builders + a visit to Bruno Atkey's 39' home-made junk-rigged steel hulled sailboat Ola Suerte, just a stunning delight (20 years in the making), and barbecued salmon at Bruno's + a bunch of friends for his birthday, and today after signing books at two big V. bookstores, and visiting Paul, who's built a beautiful 16' 150-lb. rowboat with sails, I went to hear a local blues band, Summer and the Sinners at Swan's Pub; I had a pint of Coconut Porter and talked to Summer, who was sitting next to me at the bar before she went on. We talked about Susan Tedeschi's latest incarnation with Mr.Trucks, and then they played, JimmyReed and Elmore Leonard in their veins. A great little hometown band. "We're from right here!" said Summer after a robust round of applause.

Japanese Garden in Long Island, NY

Sent: Fri 27/04/12 8:05 AM
Subject: Fwd: Garden pics for Lloydsblog
"Hi there - I have been a huge fan of Lloyd's for a long time, I have about 4 of the books including the original Shelter that I never put down.
I wanted to send pictures of my incredible Japanese garden here on Long Island, NY. The best thing about our garden is that it is completely unexpected. We have a variety of trees, flowering trees, evergreens and pines. Everything from Chinese Redbuds, 5 cherry blossoms, Hanoki trees, to a giant Magnolia tree, 43 arborvitae trees, a well established Bosnian Pine and a whole lot more.…"

Matt Scheiner
Long Island, NY

Stunning House

This handcrafted home just knocked me off my feet. Two creative, competent, and wonderful artists created this house (and outbuildings) out of driftwood, beach and river stones, home-milled lumber, all with exquisite craftsmanship.
  One of these years when we do another non-tiny (or non-small) book (like Home Work), this will be the star of the show.
  The owners  said they had resisted any photography thus far, but liked our books, so it was OK if I shot photos. It was like discovering a rainbow.
    I'm going to think about this one for a while.

Godfrey's 12' Sailboat

Boat model is— ahem! — none other than a San Francisco Pelican, a lovely boat, one that once sailed from SF to the Farallone Islands. Godfrey's removed the center board and rigged it up on the starboard side so he 'll have a roomy interior. He claims he can get 8 people inside. It's got a sliding (curved) clear Lexan roof for rainy weather. It'll have a junk rig. Godfrey has sailed around Vancouver Island several times, once in a homemade catamaran.

Godfrey Stephens Painting!


Snow to Surf Relay Race

I met these guys -- Blake O'Brian and Thomas Soucy -- on the ferry from Denman Island to Buckley Bay day before yesterday. They were on their way to the Snow to Surf Relay Race on Mt. Washington (Comox Valley, Vancouver Island) on April 29th, with their ultra-light canoe.

Small Homes In Mulege, Baja California Sur

Happy Trails, Levon

Slide Show Last Night on Denman Island

Denman Island Statistics:
-Population: 1,016
-People at Tiny Homes slide show last night: 101
-# of copies sold, Builders of the Pacific Coast, by Abraxas Books on Denman Island: 223

Photo at left after show. Mom had me inscribe book to her guitar man here.

Sent from the China Moon B&B on Denman, where I have just had maybe the best breakfast dish ever (yes, I'm given to superlatives) fruit, local organic apple juice, local eggs done hollandaise on cornbread and a croissant. Excellent coffee. This is a great place to stay. Plus good wi-fi out here on this peaceful homestead.
  I'm doing a bit of writing now, then heading to Victoria for the next phase of this adventure.

When A Seal Jumped Onto Godfrey's Sailboat

There are over 500 emails in my "Stephens" mailbox. Godfrey is a tumultuous stream of energy and output. Here's a fragment from an email today, about the time a seal jumped on board his sailboat Mungo 1. (I don't like to edit Godfrey's stream of words.)

This Cutie came aboard in 1982
Dana point where I anchored s/v MUNGO 1 for the night
Please note sail is up and pulling
She left just off the Scripps institute
after a few failed attempts at boarding
a Long torpedo toward the boat
and Ou out of the Sea bang this Creature landed on the Steel Deck
and eventually flopped up to bask on the starbd fore deck
sailing along at a few knots toward San Diego
I could feel the heart beat of this animal throughout t he hull
an empty ness was felt when She slipped over the side and vanished...

City Farmer Blog


Two Woodsheds by Lloyd House

Lloyd House in April 2012

Lloyd House was the featured builder in Builders of the Pacific Coast. His skill and ingenuity and joy in building were stunning, as shown in more than a dozen homes in the book.
   Lloyd left his cliffside compound on the west coast of Vancouver Island a few years ago and converted a 1992 Econoline van into a 70 sq. ft. home and now lives on Hornby Island. There are photos of it by Michael McNamara in Tiny Homes.
   I dropped in on him as soon as I got to Hornby and on a grey, drizzly afternoon, we got reacquainted. I love the company of Lloyd and my friend Louie, both a few years older than me; we grew up in a different world. Did I want dinner. Well yeah-uh. We had chard soup and a big salad with greens from Barbara's thriving greenhouse. 

The band of windows brings the outside in. It's an exquisite space. 10' × 7' = 70 sq. ft.

Slide Show Last Night on Hornby Island

This was a bit like a homecoming. Many of the builders in Builders of the Pacific Coast were on Hornby, plus I got to hang out with good friends for a few days. The Hornby Community Center is a wonderful structure, built by the community in an era of less money, more time. No grant or government $$. It was a good crowd, and a bunch of the Island ladies brought homemade deserts.

Godfrey Stephens' New 12' Pelican Sailboat

Godfrey sold his 39' junk-rigged steel sailboat and has down-scaled. I stopped by his place in Victoria yesterday on my way north on Vancouver Island and saw the work-in-progress. It's a total delight. Surprisingly spacious inside; he removed the centerboard (it's mounted on the side). He's got a sliding Lexan roof some can stay dry while sailing in the rain. Tiny stainless stove he welded up. All his carpentry is sculptural -- the structural pieces look like bones. More (much more) on Godfrey to follow. http://www.godfreystephens.com

Mud Girls Build Cob Stove Inside Yurt on Denman Island

At the Shanti House B&B on Denman Island: http://www.shantihouse.ca/

Old International Carryall

Best Pie Ever in Victoria This Morning

I took a Beechcraft 1900C prop-driven airplane this morning from Vancouver to Victoria. One sparkling seaside city to another. This is such a wonderland of water up here, it's all breathtaking from the air…
   I have a radio interview in about 45 minutes at CBC Victoria, lucked out to find Bubby Rose's Bakery, and a piece of "Shaker Lemon Pie," I swear the best piece of pie I've ever had. More later…

Slide Show Last Night in Vancouver

The rain didn't hold back the people. Biggest crowd ever. By the time I started, the aisles were full. About 250 people. I signed books for maybe half an hour. These are my brothers and sisters up here. People kept coming up and telling me how they'd built things, inspired by our books. I was given photos of little homes and house trucks, a rare Bob Marley CD, and a little jar of cayenne pepper. Maybe a dozen people told me they were either building something right now, or about to start. I told them it's not that everyone has to live in tiny houses, what's important is going in the direction of smaller. Everyone likes the idea of no mortgage, no exorbitant rents. A definite measure of freedom in these trying times.

In the Land of the War Canoes

"Scenes from the 1914 silent film by Edward Curtis. Also known as 'In the Land of the Head Hunters.'"


Rodney's Oyster House

Last night I met my friend Michael McNamara (who's in Builders of the Pacific Coast) for dinner at this lively place on Hamilton Street. Good local beers on tap, oyster paradise.

Barista Art on Thursday Morning

At Blenz, Hamilton/Helmcken streets:

Beautiful Boat in Vancouver Harbor