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Will The Owner of This Bus Step Forward?

Someone sent us a bunch of pictures of this bus converted into living quarters for our next book, Wheels and Water: Tiny Homes on the Move. Somehow the e-mail got separated from the photos. If this is yours, please contact us.


Kay L. Davies said...

My best friend and her husband left BC's Gulf Islands in September and moved to England, where they are now living in a narrowboat on a canal. Talk about small quarters! And they love it.
I could send you an e-mail address, if you wanted to include such a thing as a narrowboat in your next book.
In the meantime, I hope you find the owners of the bus.

Anonymous said...

Found this using image search on Google:


It has a contact listed as Bo Ireland.

Hope this helps...


Anonymous said...

Yes, it my husband, Bo's bus which we are trying to sell right now to move on to some new adventures. Follow the link from anonymous above to find his contact information. Thanks!

Pablo said...

dude please post the other pics of bus and info as qre needed ....no sense like that man xxxx

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