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Tiny Studio on Salt Spring Island

"DestinationOM's Studio on Saltspring Island, BC.… It happily stood up to 100km/h + winds the night before last. I built the entire studio (8' x 12') including all the entire trim/electrical and finishings for $2300. The floor and the stairs cost $1100! So the rest of the building cost $1200 - free windows, door, metal roofing and almost free bevelled cedar siding. The floor is made of birch ply with 5 coats of hi gloss varathane; the stairs were custom made by a friend on the island called www.toughtinywelder.ca.…


Kay L. Davies said...

BC's Gulf Islands are some of the most beautiful places in the world, Lloyd, and I'll never forget the first one I ever visited...Saltspring in 1963.
Love the tiny mini-cabin.

Gaurang said...

If any of you are interested in seeing more photos of the build then click the link below :) I built it myself except for the part where the neighbour helped raise the front wall and two others helped to install the 8'x5' front window :)

Cambria Pottery said...

Nice meditation sized abode

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