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Thatched Roof Trailer/1964 Plymouth Barracuda


Anonymous said...


Mike W
Eureka, California


Lloyd Kahn said...

Thanks for the correction to Barracuda Mike.

Kay L. Davies said...

Well, Lloyd, I dunno about Anonymous Mike, but I tried the link he provided and this is what it says:
"The first-generation Barracuda, a fastback A-body coupe based on the Plymouth Valiant, had a distinctive wraparound back glass and was available from 1964-1966."
I distinctly remember a friend having a Barracuda in 1964.

Anonymous said...

Kay is right, the Barracuda was based on the Valiant frame and front end looked the same... They were cool cars , alot better looking IMHO than the AMC Marlin..

Mike W
Eureka, California


jandean said...

El Sobrante kids call them BA BA RA RA CU CU DA DAs because it sounds way cooler and you can sing it.

Kay L. Davies said...

I always like it when someone says "Kay is right." Can I show this to my husband?

Anonymous said...

Kay, come on now...it can't be that rare of an occurrence...or...? :) also, anyone with a Barracuda would never claim the Valiant name.. like saying I have a Toyota but with Lexus badging.. Hi to your Husband...



Eugene Head said...

A thatched roof on a trailer is an odd match. But it looks great. Thatched roofs are often seen on Tiki bars, and who would have thought they'll look great on a trailer? This will surely make a great cottage in those resorts in Micronesia!

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