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Small Modular Buildings of Recycled Wood

Just sorting through my notes from the past few weeks, this is a company in Oakland, California, that designs homes, but also has a series of small buildings (144 sq. ft. and larger) featuring salvaged wood and modular construction
   "RIKYU House blends the elegance and sensitivity of traditional Japanese design with a sincere and holistic commitment to green building. Through a patented building system enabling custom design and the use of standardized parts, RIKYU House is aesthetically beautiful, environmentally conscious, and affordable."


Justin said...

These are the folks who built Larry Ellison's estate, I believe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Ellison#Home

Anonymous said...

Wow those are some truly beautifully and inspiring houses that Joinery Structures create! They capture the Japanese spirit of design amazingly well.

Martin said...

Exquisitely beautiful meticulous work - thanks for the link Lloyd.

jabroon piece said...

modular buildings
Amazing...!those are some truly amazingly and encouraging houses that Joinery Elements create! They get the Japanese people heart of design amazingly well.

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