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Sauerkraut and Kombucha in Berkeley

I just discovered this place. Best sauerkraut ever, (some with seaweed) Kim Chee, pickles, and — what I (who am admittedly given to superlatives) — consider the best drink I have ever ever had: a bottle of Tumeric/Ginger Kombucha ("A Naturally Fermented Herbal Soda)," bottled while we were there. This is a unique and brilliant shop I recommend to anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lacto-fermentationn gets probiotic action going in your digestive system. I think their stuff is in some stores as well. Top quality. http://www.culturedpickleshop.com/


jandean said...

Pimpin' Alex! Good for you. She does it best. I miss my Cali food...

Unknown said...

My grandfather used to pickle napa. We always had a crock with cabbage in brine, fermenting away downstairs. I love the way Cultured Pickle smells! -jma

Anonymous said...

.thanks for sharing

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