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Overcast Skies, San Francisco Morning

I'm at Ritual Roasters on Valencia Street, serious baristahood + good wi-fi. BTW, Valencia between say 18th and 22nd Streets is a vital and hip part of SF these days. Just walk along these blocks and check out the cool shops and cafes.
   The City Lights event last night was great. I'm getting overflow crowds. This book has hit a nerve -- or nerves. Everyone seems to relate to it. People show it to a friend, and the friend won't give it back. I feel honored to appear at City Lights, one of the most gutty, independent, and artistic bookstores in the world.
   I'm just going to toss out some images from yesterday, all in North Beach except for the surfing:

4 comment s:

Isaac Lewis said...

City Lights is awesome, isn't it! Love that place...

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LAWRENCE FERINGHETTI! His 93rd, count 'em, was last Saturday, March the 24th.

Anonymous said...

Ferlinghetti, that is. Meant to be read ALOUD.

jandean said...

here's to overflow!

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