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Old Craftsman House For Sale In Berkeley

Not tiny, not cheap, but nice.
"…Built in 1907 and almost untouched since, this Craftsman Style cottage hasn't been on the market in five decades, and yes, it needs some serious updating, but at least you won't have to rip our someone else's misguided attempts. While there's no indication from the realtor who the architect might have been, the carpenters of this 4-bed, 1.5-bath house deserve some credit as well.
Inside, box beams, paneling and built-in cabinets in redwood, from trees we'll never see the likes of again, and two pantries-- on serving the dining room, and another with a vintage icebox from a time when ice was delivered in blocks by a man with a horse and cart. Three fireplaces, and in addition to two bedrooms down, there are two wonderful rooms upstairs…
2821 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, $729K…" http://shltr.net/berkcrafts

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sofia marielle said...

I'm kinda interested. How I wish to see other rooms.

Sofia of philippines properties

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