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Great Book For Back Problems and Posture

This is the best fitness book I've run across in decades. Esther Gokhale has a unique approach in teaching you how to have better posture and how to cure back pain. The routine you go through whenever you think about it is to pull your shoulder blade up, then back, then down -- one shoulder at a time. How to sit and walk with healthy posture. A really helpful guide to checking the gradual stooped-over posture of aging. Check it out:

8 Steps to a Pain-free Back
Esther Gokhale/Pendo Press



Rebecca Fogg said...

As you've probably figured out, Esther is based in Palo Alto, CA and offers classes and workshops in the methods she's developed. She and teachers she's trained seem to do a lot of outreach as well (free classes, both live and online, in the Bay Area and beyond; for example http://egwellness.com/classes-services/free-classes).

Anonymous said...

There's a great video on YouTube. Esther was asked to give a talk to Google, and it was recorded. Here's the link"

She demonstrates stretchsitting and shoulder rolls as well as other techniques.

With stretchlying on the back, I was able to sleep through the whole night and wake up without low back pain. This was not difficult to learn from the book!

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