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Day 5 Heading Home

Slide show in Arcata last night went great. Packed house. Couldn't find a place to eat, or a room in Arcata, so about 9PM I got a tank of gas, Sobe soda and some, ahem, Dorito barbecue nachos, and headed east through the hills, destination Reading, on Hwy 5. Found a nice little motel in Weaverville, $50, took hot bath on cold night, got donuts and coffee at bakery this morning and am now in Reading.
I have a problem on the road. I keep seeing things to photograph. My friend, photographer Jack Fulton and I can hardly get anywhere on a road trip. Every 5-10 minutes, one of us will say, "Um…" and we'll stop and jump out with cameras. In the next few days I'll post various images from this trip.
Above: Heading north from Mendocino yesterday
Below:Great hunting/fishing/diving store in Eureka. The real thing

(Below: maybe my favorite brewery anywhere, The Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka. Had a 9.5% dark stout, corned beef and cabbage (was St. Patrick's Day). I couldn't have eaten a plate of food this size when I was 18 and surfing every day.


davo said...

Jesus that is a decent feed. Did you finish it?

Mike W said...

Must have been a good beer at Lost Coast...........its actually in Eureka..

salviadorii said...

I met Jack Fulton.He brought a class to do photography in the White mtns over on the Eastside .I was cooking at the research station.I knew eventually there would be a connection.
always love seeing your posts,especially the ones of the north coast as I lived up above Ft Ross in the 70s.Thanks .

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