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Cowells Is Rolling

Shot this with my Canon Powershot S-95 from the pier yesterday. Not bad for such a small camera at such a distance (maybe 2-300 yards). Cowell's has got to be the best place to learn to surf in NorCal. Forgiving waves. No slash-and -burn hotshots. And right around the corner from the mighty Steamer Lane. I stayed at a great near-the-beach motel, the Edgewater Beach on 2nd Street. It's across the street from the pier, up on a kind of knoll, and you can actually see the surfers at Cowells from the parking lot.


pranaglider said...

Shoulda brought the mat!

kara rane said...

LLoyd.. if you are going to be in SC for awhile please consider renting a room from my good friend via AirBNB.. your choice of a cob room (gorgeous*!) or a tree~house (fun).. her site ---> http://www.cruzincob.com/cruzincob.com/What_is_%22COB%22.html very close to the beach you are at, affordable and Claudine is just lovely~

Penny St, Claire said...

Thanks for the memories. I't time for a trip down to Santa Cruz. I'm happy that Sal made it to Santa Cruz! I grew up near there swimming and learning to catch waves on 1/2 size inflated air mattresses every summer in the 50's. So many memories... finally being tall enough to ride "THE ROLLER COASTER," the indoor saltwater plunge, the long wooden slides, a turntable that kids would sit on so we could be thrown out across the floor as it began to spin faster and faster.

Celt said...

'S-95' ?

Lloyd Kahn said...

Celt, Thanks -- Got it mixed up with my Lumix G-1.

Celt said...

I have an older Canon Rebel SLR (about seven years old now, one of the first 10 megapixel range) and I am thinking about getting a LOT more mobile. What would you recommend? (sorry, I don't want to spend forever doing the research cause I tend to be OCD like that)

Lloyd Kahn said...

1-Canon Powershot S100 (or S95)
2. Fujifilm X10

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