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Clothesline Tiny Homes

"Hello! My name is Carrie and I’m an architectural Designer.  My husband is Shane and he is a Builder. We’ve started designing and building our own home (a Tiny House) and our blog will document the adventure.
   Our hopes are to turn this into a career where we can design and build Tiny Houses for others.  We both have years of experience designing and building, but we thought the best way to learn about the intricacies of a Tiny House would be to design and build one for ourselves that we will live in.
   We started designing it in February of 2012, bought the trailer platform February 25th, and started building February 27th.
   How we came up with the name: “Clothesline Tiny Homes”. I thought of about…. 123 different names and then Shane walked outside the next day, looked at the clothesline, and said “Clothesline Tiny Homes!”  Perfect.…
   Why Tiny? Clothesline Tiny Homes will strive to have a small footprint on our natural environment, will allow us to live wherever we want paying much less money for rent / mortgage and utilities, and will be a fun adventure where we can grow and learn to live with less stuff and enjoy our beautiful world much more!"


clothesline123 said...

wow, this is great to be included on your website Lloyd! thanks for watching our progress. I have your book "Shelter" and absolutely love it. beautiful drawings, love the layout and all the examples of vernacular and non-traditional architecture and construction. keep up the good work!

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful name. I can picture tiny houses hanging on a clothesline after they've been painted! Love it.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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