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Anyone Find Substitute For Eudora With Mac Lion?

The only thing really bad about my MacBook Air is that Apple's new operating system, Lion, does not support Rosetta, which is the engine that makes the robust Eudora mail program run. I have used Eudora deeply for years and we can't find a substitute. MailForge is thus far an embarrassingly krappy mail program. Anyone solved this problem?


Rick Gordon said...

There's always the standard Apple issue, Mail, already installed. Some people are liking Postbox the best. Eudora OSE (Thunderbird) won't run on Lion. I mostly hear the people like Mail better than MS Outlook.

There are also the various webmail approaches that a lot of people have gone to, but that won't work well for your mail program as filing system approach.

Exporting Eudora mail well is always a touchy issue too, as most standard importing, if it supports Eudora at all, loses some information (whether it had been opened, color labels, etc.) Eudora Mailbox Cleaner helps with that (although it takes hours), and it can't be run on Lion, either, so it's got to be run from an earlier operating system.

Joby Elliott said...

I haven't used a desktop mail program in years, but when I did, I used Mozilla Thunderbird and liked it a lot. It has an OSX version, and is still being actively maintained.

Carlos said...

You should look into MacPup, a very light and fast Puppy Linux version tailored for Macs and other Apple products. It can run in RAM without installing and you should be able to run any MAC software under it without a hitch. If you've got tons of CPU/RAM, download an emulator and run an older version of OS.

Mark Beattie said...

Gmail. Put it all into Google's soul crushing grasp.

Anonymous said...

I used Eudora on Mac since 1995 and I too was desperate to find the next best thing. I researched extensively six months prior to the launch of Lion. I finally got it down to Mac own built in Mail program. I did no less then 3 or 4 trial migrations using a boot clone to work out the bugs. Each time I learned more, before I committed myself to the real thing. (I still have a bootclone of SnowLeopard with all the old Eudora mail, but I have not needed it so far. ) I am most satisfied with Mail, and a bit of a relief knowing I can move forward.
There are a few resources to help which I highly recommend:



good luck, back up, and do trial runs.

cheers mate

chris said...

thunderbird does lots better than eudora and doesn't have the proprietary annoyances that eudora did.

Anonymous said...

I'd mirror the comment by Mark Beattie.

Stick it all into a gmail account, get rid of all those sub folders you have been organising your correspondance with. I have about twelve years worth of emails from various accounts and mail programs and now all of it is on a gmail server AND being backed up to Thunderbird on my Lion OS machine.

If I want to find a mail from years ago and can only remember a line of text from it, the gmail search box finds every time.

Thats my thrupence worth.

bengi said...

as of today the entire site includingnthe forum has vanished!


Lloyd Kahn said...

bengi, Thanks! Would not have known about it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

OK... so now it's November, 2013. I am still running Snow Leopard on my iMac and Macbook Air. I also have Eudora going back 15 years or more. Has anybody come up with something that is truly comparable to Eudora? Sorry to post Anonymous but don't have any of the other options.

Anonymous said...

Yep I'm also interested. I've been trying to get it to work under OS 10.8 & VMWare Fusion 6 with 10.6 server - but not much luck yet (settings files not copied across properly, which therefore also ignores all the mailboxes etc). VirtualBox or perhaps even OS 9 under SheepSaver are my next bets.

Think there's some people here who continue to keep Eudora conversations alive:

Anonymous said...

The only reason I havent upgraded my mac is because of Eudora. I cannot live without it. Sadly, the time has come to switch, but what other mail client has the option to send mails at a future time/date?

Rick Gordon said...

I'm currently trying Postbox 3.x, together with SpamSieve, and I think it's the best compromise for me yet, though it's a big change in working style from Eudora, though closer to Thunderbird (whose code it's based on) or even Apple Mail. The most Eudora-like program out there now, though is GyazMail. I doesn't handle HTML as elegantly as Postbox (which is essentially based on Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird) or Apple Mail (based on Webkit/Safari), but it's a lot better than Eudora, and it's got the separate window interface like classic Eudora.

To get into Postbox, you need to export to Mail first, though, as it doesn't (any longer) support Eudora import.

Anonymous said...

Do you need a pair of one eyed Jacks or better to open?


Don Merlin said...

I withheld upgrading to Lion/Mavericks for years for the single reason that Eudora doesn't work on them. Today, as I installed Lion on my Mac Pro, I did so on a different internal drive so that I could go back to 10.6.8 if I just can't stomach it. Truth is, I'm leaning towards going back. I can't stand the way "modern" email clients operate, thrusting you into the prison of a single window. I like the way Eudora's windows worked like the Finder, being able to open or close as many as you like, move them around, not be bound by other windows. Simple things like redirect and being able to edit the "To:" field (which is very handy when moderating mailing lists) really put Eudora in a class all it's own. I came here to find some light at the end of the tunnel, some hope that maybe I could stay on Lion. When I see things like "switch to gmail, or Apple's Mail is the best", I realize that there's so many people that just don't get it. *sigh*

Still hoping...

Gérald T said...

Could we gather and try hiring a programmer to translate Eudora into an email program that is usable on new systems?
Count me in.

Anonymous said...

Gérald I'm in! And Don you are so right. I still haven't upgraded and keep coming back here to see if someone has found the perfect solution. Am going to check out GyazMail now.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely pitch in to get someone to write an emulation of eudora. Giant job though -- MailForge people tried it and, although I've been using that [now dead/unsupported] program as an alternative for the past approximately two years, it sucks comparatively. Clunky, slow, many glitches and annoyances that I never had to deal with in eudora. Better than gmail or any online mail app though, imo. Qualcomm could probably make the bucks if they updated and re-released a new Eudora as I, for one, would pay a great deal to have it back. Nothing else even compares halfway favorably -- as Don Merlin said above--too many ppl don't know what they're missing!

judy Weintraub said...

i just googled 'eudora for mac' to see if there was any improvement in the grim situation of losing Eudora ever since i got my MBP with Mountain Lion a year ago this month. I've been suffering with the Apple Mail program ever since, and today, i was just so sick of the ongoing extra work i have to do, all the mouse clicks and sorting, tweaking, searching the daily spam for important emails, using Mail, really poor program, but from what i could find out, just one crappy program among many--compared to the vastly superior Eudora.

I tried MailForge, i was really hopeful for that, but then it just started crashing and became useless, and totally unsupported. i wonder why it has no support. It was a good imitation---i would pay plenty for a Eudora mail client, or a well running MailForge. I first started using Eudora in February 1995, not resting in peace since i had to stop. When apple Mail first came out, i tried it. i couldn't believe how un-user friendly it was, how unintuitive and microsoft-like. i would invest just about any sum of money to get the Mac OS working with Rosetta again.

I still have my previous computer, a MacBook running Snow Leopard, and at this point, am thinking i'm just going to invest the money to get it running adequately again. It was 5 years old when i regretfully replaced it with the ML computer, the track pad was barely working, very frustrating, the hard drive seemed to be failing, though that was never clarified, and it could use some more memory, i think that was all. Maybe $300-$400 to get back my machine that has Eudora. It will be worth it.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Judy, great comment! I am posting it on my blog on 11/19/2014.

Dan Clark said...

I am another with years and years of e-mail organized with Eudora, sharing all the frustrations you all describe. Today yet another website told me I really ought to upgrade my browser. Is there any cause for hope, or must we keep our old Macs running with no other salvation in sight?

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to rewrite (or copy the functionality) of Eudora in Unix? That way as Apple change their operating system user interface it should be relatively easy to keep updated. I'm assuming my belief that the Apple OS is fundamentally Unix is correct of course... Would there be any hope of crowd sourcing this?
I am yet to try conversion to Mail or equivalent for the same reason others give - I have many years of emails I don't want to lose, but want to update to newer computers, I've bought a 27" 5k iMac, and I don't want to keep another Mac on 10.6.8 for mail, eventually it will die.

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