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Anna Builds Herself a Tiny Home in British Columbia

"Anna Minten has built herself a tiny house – 160 square feet small. She’s part of a growing movement of minimal, sustainable living and getting rid of excess.
'This is my paradise.' That’s what Anna Minten told me as we pull up at the site of her house-in-progress on Airport Way south of Revelstoke.
As we got out of her car and approach the house, I was struck by something – it’s even smaller than I imagined.
Minten’s house is 2.4 metres wide, 6 metres long. and 4.5 metres tall. That’s 160 square feet of floor space, plus a small loft, for the metrically disinclined.
Her house is part of a growing trend of tiny houses – essentially mobile homes that look like houses, but miniaturized.…"


Annonymuss said...

thought you might enjoy, lloyd.
"life ain’t perfect, neither is my cabin…"


Kay L. Davies said...

I'm a metrically disinclined Canadian, actually a metrically disadvantaged Canadian, but I spent most of my life working in the printing industry, so I can look at things and know how big they are in feet and inches. (I've lost the use of picas and points, except for type sizes.)
So I looked at this, decided it appears to be 8 feet wide, which means it has to be 20 feet long. I also know BC doesn't like anything wider than 8 feet being towed by an ordinary truck.
So, Anna is living in something smaller than my kitchen and breakfast area combined. Smaller than the 8x26-ft. travel trailer in which I lived for 3 years, although she does have a loft. Interesting. There's some wild and woolly countryside up by Revelstoke, and some serious snow, although it looks minimal here in this photo.
I'm fascinated by the whole tiny house design concept. Love your blog.

Staroid said...

It looks like it was built on a travel trailer frame.
Though it may not be going down the road very often, I wonder how much weight that frame and springs can handle.
Using "real" construction materials such as 2x4's and plywood, with a good, solid interior and going up 50% higher, probably makes this house 4 times as heavy as a 2x2 and sheet metal trailer.
And 4 times as durable.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys thanks for your post. Yes it is slightly larger then road regulation which I knew while building it. Its built to only be moved a few times in its life and to be slightly more comfortable with the extra space. I hire out a big towing truck to move it. When moving it I do remove absolutely everything I can to reduce the weight as that is a concern. Basically traveling with fingers crossed. The axles have a 8000lbs gwv whichever I'm sure I'm extremely close to.
All in all its been a year living in this cozy home and I love the simple small lifestyle. Now I just need to find myself some affordable land.

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