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Sportsman Vintage Frame Motorbike

Love the Tiny Homes book. Thanks. Your blog is a daily read, I so enjoy the eclectic mix of subjects. On that note, I wondered whether this link might interest you;
All the best, Vic Long"
"…I decided to build one and found a vintage Schwinn Panther frame to start with. This particular frame, commonly called a straight bar frame because of it's unique middle frame tube in the front triangle, is very similar in shape to early motorcycles. Gas tanks were added into the pocket between the top and middle frame tubes on these early motorcycles, so it only made sense to build a gas tank to fit the Panther frame in the same fashion.…"
PaT Dolan


bayrider said...

Wow! Those are just beautiful. Totally artful and completely cool!

Anonymous said...

Thought this sort of went with the Styrofoam Hummer and these Motorbikes




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