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Reprinting Our Color Books Up the Kazoo Now

1. We're doing a (12,500-copy) reprint of Tiny Homes. It will arrive at the Publishers Group West warehouse in Tennessee on April 4. First printing was 15,000 and we're just about out of stock. It sold over 4,000 copies in the first 8 days of February.
2. We're printing 5,000 copies of the (2" x 2-1/4") mini tiny homes book. We've just about gone through the first 2,000. I tell you, I've never had an object that is so much fun to give out. People just love it. (As I'm sure I've said), 95% of the people I hand it to laugh out loud. Not a smile, an audible laugh.
   I've been going around to shops in San Francisco, giving it out. Surf or skate shops, barista locales, bike shops, gardening stores. We're going to look for people in different cities to do the same. My friend Shelter Serra took a bunch to NYC a few weeks ago and just emailed "Everyone loves the book!!"
   We're setting up book signings for me. Will post places and dates later. We're hoping for word-of-mouth to keep this book rolling. If you love it, email yr. friends.
3. We just reprinted Shelter with Paramount Printers in Hong Kong and does it look good! We'd done recent reprints in Colombia, and the printers were not on the ball like Paramount. This is by far the best printing in 39 years of printing Shelter; photos look snappy. (The first 160,000 copies were done on a web offset (newspaper) press; these are on sheet-fed (better quality) presses.
4. We're reprinting both Home Work and Builders of the Pacific Coast.
5. Shameless Commerce Dept: 30% discount on 3 or more of our building books: http://www.shelterpub.com/_ad/TH-sale.html


edward bennett said...

Received my copy of Tiny Homes earlier this week, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. As I have the other 4 books in the series. Thank you for all your work!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done and thank you to all at SHELTER !Just love the new book, bought one for myself and one as a birthday present for my little bro.. I'm happy to hand out tiny homes tiny copies in Newcastle Australia. (michael.kirton@uon.edu.au)

James said...

Howdy Lloyd,

It's a great, beautiful book. I've got a copy, and the library system here keeps ordering more due to their popularity. I just wrote a small bit about you and the book on my own blog.


anonnymuss said...

Thought you'd enjoy this trad and sweet spot of a small house:

geordiebooker said...

Hey LLoyd, thanks for the tiny books and if you would like any handing out in th UK just give me a shout and I'll take care of it.

Adam, Cornwall

Anonymous said...

Why not show us a picture of the tiny, tiny house book in your hand so we cans see how small it is?

genie said...

you might like to know that in my family(besides my son telling me about your blog and sending me your book when it came out) my nephew(off the wall guy)loved it and my grandson(age 11 loved it. It crosses the generations and is exciting to all I introduce it to!

Lloyd Kahn said...

genie, Thanks! That's great to hear about getting through to different generations.

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