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Nicely Designed Boathouse on Lake Near Toronto

"Christopher Simmonds has given an already gorgeous boathouse in Canada a sustainable upgrade that we can‚t help but envy. The original boathouse located on Muskoka Lake north of Toronto was feeling a little cramped, so the designer gave it a second story guest room and a roof terrace, and an overall minor upgrade that used very little in the way of new materials."
From Lew Lewandowski


Kay L. Davies said...

I'll bet there's a line-up for that guest room, or maybe raffle tickets! Gorgeous place.

Powell River Books said...

It's amazing how just a little extra space can make a huge difference. When we added our 6X10 bathroom it made everything else seem so much bigger. Especially when we added a window in back and brightened up everything. - Margy

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