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Innermost Tiny Home

‘A small, concentrated domestic space intensifies everything. It’s like the fire we live around—move it close together and the flame flares up, spread it apart and the fire goes out. We have always lived in small houses, but this one is the smallest and the best. Here I feel all my loose and wandering thoughts are gathered up and made whole. It is an antidote to a world of distractions. It is a world unto itself. It is almost more myself than I am.’
Thanks to anonnymuss


Velma said...

Love this house , fireplace and porch, seems like Heaven to me.

Peter Holt said...

Lloyd Kahn! Thanks much for being a good good influence! Well done. I finally ordered a copy of Tiny Homes and can't tell you how excited I am to gaze upon it and share it's arcane wonders it with my wee daughters.

You may or may not be amused by this: http://opensesamegarden.blogspot.com/2012/02/shelter-as-art-gazebo-as-frame.html

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