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Herring Are In

I've read about the local herring runs in the papers, but never seem the phenomenon  up close. Yesterday I was driving through Sausalito along the waterfront and things were hopping. Hundreds of seagulls wheeling and diving, and a bunch of flat bottomed aluminum fishing boats pulling in nets. I stopped and  started shooting photos when I heard someone yell "Lloyd!"It was my friend Jasper Monti, hunter and fisherman extraordinaire. He had on waders, and was carrying a net and two 5 gallon buckets.
   He explained that he was going to freeze the herring for salmon bait, and showed me how to cast the net. He pointed out all the tiny herring eggs that had been deposited on the rocks and seaweed on the shore. Well, right up my alley! I'm getting a net next week in San Francisco will be ready next year. Going to try making pickled herring.


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