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Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Post Independent Article on Treehouse in Tiny Homes

"…Kahn had seen pictures of Novy and Rasmussen's tree house online, and requested that it be included in his new book. Novy wrote the entry that's included in the 218-page book, stating:
   'In this modern age of architecture we have, by necessity, become focused on efficiency in every aspect of a building's design. So, it is a rare opportunity for an architect to be able to design a structure whose sole purpose is enlightening the spirit.'
   The tree house was designed “for fun, frivolity, and fantasy,” reads the book entry.
   Although the tree house is not designed as a living space, it does have electricity and heat, and serves as a “quiet, meditative, relaxing” place for kids and adults alike to hang out.…"

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Josh Aggars said...

That has to be the single nicest thing I've seen all day! I dream about having a tree house like that one day. 1st I need the land and income but still it's nice to dream of something like that. Beautiful work.


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