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Family of Four in 540 Sq. Ft. Home

"Located on Sauvie Island, just North of Portland Oregon, Jessica and her husband live with their two children in a mere 540 square feet of space. Yes, you read that right, five hundred and forty square feet! Their tiny house sits on 5 acres of property and the Helgerson’s remodelled it using only reclaimed materials, choosing not to add to its existing footprint…a daring choice for a family of four!…"


Patricia Caviglia said...

My condo is twice the size and it's plenty for us but I can't imagine living in less space. Good for them. And I love the look!

Oldfool said...

My family of 3 lived in a 10 by 50 trailer for 3 years back in the mid sixties. It had a full kitchen, a spacious living room, a hall that led to a small bedroom with closet,a full bath with tub and washing machine, and a back bedroom with a bed proven to be big enough for an orgy of six. I don't really find their feat impressive.

I live in 240 square feet now with my books and my spouse and grandson (6'1" 225lbs)live in 679 square feet so piled high with crap that I'd be surprised if they have 100 square feet. I'm just waiting to see how that works out.

Mark A said...

Very nice use of space.

Unknown said...

We live 3 people in a 600sq.ft. apartment in the UK. Not an uncommon thing here. It's enough space for living but not enough for hobbies. I miss having a shed for my lathe, mill etc.

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