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Dusk at the Beach

You can never tell what it's going to be like on the beach. A few days ago I rode my bike to a distant beach and walked a mile or so on the rocky shore. Tide just starting to come back in. It had rained ¼" the night before and the air was fresh and loaded with negative ions. Surf big. Water with bluish almost metallic sheen. Sun starting to set, no wind, a reddish Winter-going-into-Spring cast to rocks and driftwood. I was thrilled.
Unexpectedly I came across this little driftwood bench. Sat down, toked up, watched sun dropping down to horizon. Reflecting on the instinct to build. Some people just have it, they put things together, like the person who assembled the driftwood for this beach lovers' perch. (That's my right foot there.) Good on ya, mate!


Anonymous said...

amen brother


bayrider said...

The wind should be up at Limantour and Drake's Estero in the next few weeks to kick off the coastal windsurf season. Love that wide and sandy beach and there's always some decent surf in front of the Estero.

dweeze (Johnno) said...

life's pretty good some days

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