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Bergmönch, the Bicycle that Folds into a Rucksack

"For all of you who love riding a bike downhill but prefer to walk uphill, here is a revolutionary new bicycle design that fits in a rucksack! It is actually meant for going mountain hiking uphill, and then wheeling downhill. The name of this new invention is Bergmönch, which means "mountain monk" in German. Check out the video below, about the monk riding a Bergmönch, and the image of the folded out bicycle."

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Will K said...

Looks pretty cool. I have a folding bike too - I've strapped it to the outside of my bag before when I've been camping and it's either been just too hairy to ride or that area of the park is banned for riding (national parks in particular). I strapped mine to the outside of my pack though - looks like the bike and pack are somehow integrated?

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