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512 sq. ft. Lofted Cabin Costs $10,000

"…And wouldn't a $7,000 - $10,000.00 small loan be nice to have, compared to a massive mortgage that takes 40 years to pay off?"


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Anonymous said...

First of all thank you for providing inspiration and a place/common thread for like minded thinkers to connect. I am also a Native San Franciscan, live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, surf, etc and being a generation behind you I look up to you as a "leader" and a man who inspires the next generation to engage their own minds and help to maintain that path that we all need to travel to get ourselves to a better place. And what a beautiful journey it is and should be.

I have taken a step that I have been dreaming about for years and am building my small sustainable home. I chose a small glu lam log kit, 17 x 30, total cost for a complete package 39K. I have prepped my land, and installing my septic now, and the kit arrives in 8 weeks.

I chose this kit for the following reasons:
1) It is all precut at the factory. I am sure they minimize waste for economic reasons.(I asked them about this. It is all computer designed/cut, they have minimum waste) And I dont have a pile of waste lumber to throw out when I am done.
2) It is complete.
3) It is good looking, that was important to me
4) It has a nice layout with a loft for my daughter
5) They use glu lam logs which allow use of smaller sustainable lumber

I will be capturing greywater, catching rain water etc for max sustainability

First floor about 510 sf Loft 220 sf

If anyone is interested in how my experience goes post a comment with your email and I will answer any questions you might have, from the mistakes and screw ups I know are coming to the things that I hopefully do right.

Thank you LLoyd for all your inspiration and please keep the blog alive I read it every morning before work


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