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Making the Tiny Homes Book Halfway Old-school

I posted this 2-minute video by Jason Sussberg here a few months ago. It's me showing the process of laying out the Tiny Homes book by hand — using scissors, removable scotch tape, and a cheap color copy machine (Brother DCP-9040CN) — before it enters the digital process.The video has had 23,000 views so far.


Powell River Books said...

It's a great video. I missed it, but found a link on the Tiny House Blog. Thanks for including two shots of our cabin. It's so exciting. - Margy

Island Woman MJ said...

I saw this before I got the book and it's fun to see it again after I've looked (and looked and looked again and will look some more) at it. Thanks for this AND the book (love your cabin, Margy!)

Dawn said...

Lloyd, thought you might appreciate this video I made about small houses in Portland: http://vimeo.com/38551849.

It was made for a Portlandia film festival and screened last month.

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