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Unique Campers From Holland

"Each Tonke is custom-designed. Ours was the smallest version, but still felt about three times as big as your classic VW campervan, with so much headroom that only the tallest Tonke-user would need to duck. At one end was a full-size double bed, at the other a wooden table and chairs that could pop down into a third bed. Between them was a pretty comprehensive kitchen (complete with fridge, double gas burner, oven and porcelain sink) and a shower and toilet compartment. What there wasn't was any hint of kitsch. Instead the snug interior was all clean lines, bold red and blue furnishings and lots of dark wood. 'Holland has a tradition of classic yachts from the 1920s and 1930s that's definitely visible in the Tonke interiors,' Maarten explained. 'Gypsy caravans are often ornate, but I prefer the plainer yacht style - lots of mahogany and gloss.'"
From Lew Lewandowski


Ches said...

Thanks Lloyd, I had always debated the pros and cons of fixing up either an old trailer or an RV to leave in one location. But the solution would be to build a small home that could fit onto a flat bed truck. These offer a nice prototype, and because they are portable building codes would not apply. When it is time to move just load it up or rent a truck. I suppose making a shipping container home would work but that would require a semi to move.

deryk said...

Interesting, but wish the video showed how it lowered itself to the ground, and hopefully if it rained heavilyget back up again lol. After building 2 small "lil vardo's" I prefer it being on wheals then moveing off of a trailer. This way its always ready to tow. Nice wood!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and ingenious and therefore inspiring...but OY GEVALT those prices!

Great idea, though, a box that rides around on a flatbed and which can be easily unloaded / loaded.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ches,

In which areas is this a regulation: "because they are portable building codes would not apply"?

Bill said...

Really Cool portable camper. I had a thought a few years ago being in construction of buying a "hook" truck like that used to move garbage dumpsters and having different beds for it , you could have a stake body for flat bed work , a masonry body for sand ,stone ,topsoil etc, and build a camper or tiny home on its own flat bed and that would be portable as well. To add to the tools you could buy "dumpsters" and rent them out. This was a great idea till I found out the cost of chasis and hook modification. Too much . Better off tiny home on wheels and a few dump trailers and a regular truck with ( dump body which i bought ,or stake body). Although the hook truck was able to load or unload in like 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I love this entry. Excelent

E. Chicken said...


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