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Tons of Cabin Photos

Above: Black Butte, Oregon - 2011 - Photo by Stephen Tamiesie
There must be 3-400 photos in this collection. Thanks to Robert Massengale


Justin said...

600 plus posts of cabins on my site http://themoderncabin.com/ Didn't Lew show you?

Anonymous said...

God this is the most inspiring site thanks Lloyd


Anonymous said...

Holy moly, has to be one of the best places on earth eh? Imagine listening to JJCale staring out at this - in fact just staring out inot, presumably Oregon would be ace.

Superb and a great link LLoyd.

Makes my wee round house in Aberdeen, Scotland ....in the back garden....of my mum's house a bit flat - this is real fredom - nice one. Dubhloch (my roundhouse on Face book - Mark Reynolds, Alford

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