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Tiny Homes on Flight 505

I've been tracking Tiny Homes on Amazon and just now it is #505 in the "Amazon Best Sellers Rank." We've never had a book be this high.
   Hmm -- 505, isn't that an old Stones song? I looked it up on Grooveshark -- am I the last one to discover this site? Search for and play any song whatever. So (example of how I waste time around here) -- I just listened to "Get me on Flight Number 505…" while gloating over the Amazon rating.

 Jimmy Reed doing Big Boss Man on Sirius radio right now. Funny isn't it, how you'll know a song well enough, but at a certain time you'll discover it all over, with deeper appreciation? Just appreciating the simplicity of what Jimmy Reed does. It's what you leave out that counts…

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Jakub said...

Just bought me a copy. Let's see you break 500 and onwards!

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