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TINY HOMES in Today's Wall Street Journal

Here's a link to getting the whole article (for 7 days) without subscribing to the WSJ:
"It may be one of the most intriguing trends in homebuilding: do-it-yourself tiny homes.Š Lloyd Kahn's 'Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter,' a quirky photo-rich book that preaches the benefits of a 'grassroots movement to scale things back.' It has already sold 5,200 copies in the U.S. and Canada since going on sale Jan. 15, making the title a genuin e hit in a distinctly niche market.
   'It's about fantasy,' said Jonas Kyle, one of the owners of Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers in Brooklyn, N.Y., which reordered it after a modest initial order sold out.…
   'What all these books reflect is that people are interested in living more simply,' said Patricia Bostelman, vice president of marketing at Barnes & Noble Inc. "The economy declined, and people are finding ways to downsize." Barnes & Noble is carrying "Tiny Homes" in several hundred stores in major markets.:
   'What I'm saying with this new book is don't get a mortgage, don't pay high rent, and don't go into debt,' said Mr. Kahn. "If you're young enough or you're just starting out and don't want to work 12 hours a day, here's an alternative."
There are 6 photos from the book in WSJ online


Kai Watkins said...

Hey Lloyd, random question: I was rereading Shelter today and focused on the pages about "Crystal Windows", the windows held together with caulking silicone. Do you know anything about what happened to those windows? Whether they stayed watertight after all these years? Or did the silicone degrade with exposure? Was thinking about making some myself in the future.

Mo said...

Hopefully this will eventually lead to a change in regulations though I'm not too optimistic. Building requirements frequently have minimum size. Bigger, more valuable homes increase tax revenue, politicians are addicted to it and get elected doling out the goodies to the votes to remain in power. I don't see the politico's are inclined to venture far down that path.

Anonymous said...

In Canada, we can't get the book until Feb. 14th. Can't wait to see it.

osamike said...

Awesome job Loydd, my favorite tini home is the moped surf mobile. Everybody loves your books ! Thanks for featuring us as proudly as you did. From the bottom of our hearts here at Lapas Nest Treehouse in Costa Rica. Thanks so much. besos y abrazos !

osamike said...

Thanks for featuring our Lapas Nest Treehouse in Costa Rica. Your roving Houses on wheels, cool designs, funky floor plans supporting green construction and minimalist green construction techniques. We all enjoy reading about your travels. Glad I was home in Costa Rica, when you stopped to see our treehouse in Costa Rica. Thanks for the 5 page spread. Sustainable ideas for jungle treehouses, green architect and ideas for comfortable living in Costa Rica. Great examples of sustainable living throughout your new book Tini Homes. Keep up good work Loydd ! Say Hi to Evan.

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