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TINY HOMES Appears in New MSNBC Video on -- Ta-dah -- Tiny Homes

This video showed up yesterday. At 1:10 min. into it, they show a photo of Tiny Homes, Don't know how they got the book so fast, it's just out. Glad to see they used phrase "tiny homes.…"
   We just may have some buzz starting here. Phone has been ringing off the hook, over 50 books sold today…


GYPSY JESS said...

That sounds great!

Someday said...

I received my copy yesterday via Amazon -- wonderful book!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd, I've ordered my copy. I also had a copy of Woodstck Handmade Houses (1974) lent to me the other day and it has a nice section on "little house" as they were referred to then. Thanks for all your efforts.

Anonymous said...

I've been savoring my book, looking at maybe three entries a day, recommending it to others, and thinking about the lot around the corner. Thanks; glad it's getting publicity - it deserves it - naomi

Jeff Bragg said...

My copy was waiting in the mailbox today when we got back from NYC. Beautiful, just beautiful! Thanks so much for autographing it, Lloyd. Big thanks to you, Lew and all at Shelter Publications. The photos are gorgeous. I'll be enjoying this for a long time.

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