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Tin Hat Cabin on Sunny Coast Mountain Trail (BC, Canada)

Pic above: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/58599554

"A series of bluffs up the East Tin Hat Ridge presented better and better views the higher we climbed. This is the last open bluff before Tin Hat summit, a somewhat flat and large, though uneven rock outcropping.   We decided to build the cabin here.…Below follows a chronology of the construction of the hut which, complete with upgraded trail, took some 30 days over a period of about three months."
Great series of construction photos: http://newshelters.blogspot.com/
Sent us by Margy Lutz


Anonymous said...

Yeah, real cool, Lloyd. Yet another defacement of an otherwise neat ridgeline. Sean Leach. Cody, WY

Adam Smith said...

I hate to be negative, but I kind of agree with Sean. They selfishly are now the only ones with a pristine view. everyone else has to look at their inelegance and immodesty. I was even more horrified to learn they have their mail helicoptered in. Ugh. I hope nature will reassert herself and blow it clean off the mountain while their wintering far below.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you guys are joking or not? It's a public cabin, built by volunteers, on the Sunshine Coast Trail (180kms). Several have been built along the trail to offer shelter to hikers. It is a beautiful ridge line with 360deg views despite this modest cabin. Powell River is a coastal community of 20,000, about 100 miles north of Vancouver with two ferry crossings.

Wayne Harvey said...

The cabin look great. Man is part of nature too you know.

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