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SunRay Kelley

SunRay Kelley in "Hani's Man Cave," which he built last year in the hills near Middleton (Clear Lake Area), Calif. (His friend Hani has a wife and 4 daughters, and SunRay thought he needed some yang space.)
   I got there on a misty December morning, just as he was in the finishing stages. It's a lovely little building. It improves on the nature surrounding it.
   He calls this a "kit." He cut trees and milled lumber for the 12-sided, 14-½' wooden yurt on his property in Washington and trucked it down to California. SunRay says he can ship kits like this anywhere: http://www.sunraykelley.com
   This interior wall is sculpted cob, a SunRay specialty (the secret is clay), but it's essentially a wooden building. The porch is framed with locally-harvested manzanita, bay, and pine.
More on pp. 100-101, Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter

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genie said...

A couple years ago my son mark said "you should follow Lloyd's blog"! I have! I even bought the same camera that you use! Ha! I waited for the release of your "Tiny Homes" and just came back from a week away and my son had sent it to me! I have so enjoyed your blog and especially like"Sun Ray Kelly! Love both of you! Your book is in my grandson's hands as we speak(turning a new person on to small space living!Thank You! Thank You!

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