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Spiffy Surfer Rig, Lovers in the Storm, Graffiti on Beach

On tonight's walk:
This little SUV looked so tuned in. Maybe it's a surfer with a tiny home.

Beach was wind-swept and people-less as the storm hovered offshore, except for the lovers hanging out on the groin. Tall dark handsome guy "…from Switzerland," pretty, good-vibes California girl, a nice couple. I love a deserted beach.

"All the leaves are brown,
And the sky is grey…" - Mamas and Papas on Sirius '60s radio right now. You know, this is a pretty good song.


bayrider said...

California Dreamin' - it's a great song, it really hit home if you were living through the long Northeast winters.

Variovox said...

That surf car belongs to a great friend of mine, Jeff, who lives in Mill Valley in a not-so-tiny home. He'd appreciate the sentiment though :)

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