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Shed of Reality in Tiny Homes

"I remember Lloyd's earlier books from the Whole Earth Catalog days and beyond...I still OWN a couple of first editions! When he asked if I'd be interested in sharing the shed in his latest project, "no" wasn't even an option.
Click (here to) pre-order it...I got my contributor's copies yesterday, and it's WONDERFUL. 1300+ photos of delightful dwellings, sheds, boats, wagons and more..."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd, I have been following your blog for a few years now ,and all ways look forward to your posts.
I live in southern Australia and am slowly building an organic earth intergrated nest (home), so your inspiration is so important to me, Thank you Sooooo much... maybe when i feel confident i will send some pics?
You may have all ready seen this book but i thought of you as i read it, its called SHACK in praise of an Australian icon ISBN 978-1-920989-12-5.
Thanks again

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