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s24o's = Sub 24hour Overnight Bicycle Touring

Great concept for these busy times. Even if you can't get away for 2-3 weeks, or even a weekend, a one-night trip can be wonderfully refreshing. I've been doing it on foot, but a bike extends one's range. I come back from these 1-night trips feeling energized.
Photo by Jerome Haines at: http://shltr.net/zC9Vd8 
Suggested by Dave on my post: http://shltr.net/wiaEnz  
Dave wrote: "…Low to zero planning, quick, easy, and fun. Great way to take kids out as well and get them started. A one week camping trip may not be the best introduction, but a short overnight may be.…"


Brian said...

Adventure Cycling Association has a similar site:


helena said...

Hermosa Beach All parts and components are blacked out,giving it a very cool,toughb and mellow look.

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