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Review of Tiny Homes by Kevin Kelly in CoolTools


"…Some are on wheels, a few float, some are pre-fab, but most are handmade shelters placed in odd corners in cities, suburbs and the country. Their variety is stunning. This large book erupts with a cornucopia of 1,300 photos featuring 150 different tiny homes, showing you how they were built, giving resources and helpful tips of their construction, supplying design solutions and inspiration for others, but also conveying WHY they were built. Tiny though they are, they are much more than mere shelter.…"

This is all the more better because CoolTools is my favorite blog. It's the electronic Whole Earth Catalog, immensely useful to me.


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Trailer Park Cyclist said...

Go Lloyd! I took a minute to read the comments section accompanying the article. Not everyone gets it. But a lot of people do get it and others are trying to get it and that's how it starts. Several comments had a wistful note to them. They cited zoning and infrastructure and other reasons why it won't work. But they were intrigued, to say the least. I hope your newest effort will find its way to every Public Library in America. I suspect some of the people who can best benefit from your inspiration spend a lot of time in libraries and parks.

Tim Joe

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