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Prefab Off-grid Tiny Home

"'House Arc' is a modular, prefab housing system developed by Palo Alto, California-based Bellomo Architects. Designed to be 100% off the grid, the 150-square-foot unit can be flat-packed and shipped in a box that is 4x10x3 feet in size.
   Considered a model for compact living, the structure's curvaceous shape is formed from a lightweight frame made of steel tubes - when complete it weighs only 3000 pounds. The intention of 'house arc' is to aid people located in areas devastated by natural disasters and other unforeseen events, as a means of replacing residences that were not built to withstand certain forces of nature. Hence, it has been constructed to withstand tropical winds and weather.
   The capsule-like dwelling features a solar energy generating roof. large windows allow natural light to flood through the space, while also funneling air through the interior, creating a cross-breeze, while a shading trellis limits heat infiltration. The raised structure permits air to flow beneath the framework for cooling, while maintaining permeability of the site.
   'We designed it to be a kit of parts that the average person can assemble quickly–like an IKEA house, only easier to put together.'
- Joseph Bellomo, Architect"

1 comment :

Kay L. Davies said...

I love it. I suspect the trellis might suffer in gale-force winds, but I'd be happy to be wrong.
What a perfect idea for an emergency shelter. I don't suppose the kitchen and bathroom come in that same 4x10x3-foot box, but I'm going to check out the architect's link.
I guess everyone is checking it out, because the link declined to open completely. Trying again.

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