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Solid Cedar Teardrop Trailer

Phil Miano sent us an email after seeing the post on teardrop trailers: "…I found this builders site…and was knocked out! Solid cedar teardrop trailers built in a style that would fit right in with Builders of the Pacific Coast for $9k. Each one a unique functional piece of art."
"Queen size mattress, Double doors, Solar panel, Skylight, Tension bar suspension, Sliding windows. A full kitchen which includes, a pullout pantry, a pullout cooler storage, dual lights, and a table that hooks to the side of the trailer for outside dining."
1153 Spruce St., Junction City, OR 87448  541-729-8763


Irene Tukuafu said...

ooooooooooooh, that is CANDY to the eyes. but where's the website? just beautiful. I bet a little on the heavy side. I'd love to know their finish. aloha, irene

Anonymous said...

Cedar is very light

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